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Anaheim Ducks @ Phoenix Coyotes Preview: End of the Road...

Well Coyote fans, it's been a long season. What began with so much hope and dreams until the All-star break ends with a game against the Ducks that likely won't matter much at all. However, there are prizes for the fans, so I'm down with that. I know there are plenty of signed things, a motorcycle painted with Coyotes stuff on it, trips with the team... Plenty to get excited about. In terms of real implications, If we lose and LA wins, or if they just get more points than us, we can grab the 5th spot in the draft lottery, meaning we'd have a chance to move up. For the Ducks, this will determine who they'll face in the first round. They can finish 6, 7 or 8th depending on what happens tonight and what happens with the Blues and the Blue Jackets. Well... let's get on with the last five for the Season...

Five for Winning

Keep Things Aggressive: The other night we took it to Pacific Division rivals in San Jose. Let's keep it up against the Quacks. We like them even less than the Sharks here. I want to see the chippy game we saw at the beginning of the season, not the junky Yotes/Ducks games we've seen since. Hit Hit FIGHT!

Bryz Returns: Gretzky is giving Bryzgalov the last game of the season. Montoya has been great, but Gretz says that Bryz has been the #1 all year and he deserves to get the closer. I'm not opposed to that, but I hope the guys play hard in front of him and his head is in the game. I may not care that much about tonight's result, but I do care that we don't look like the garbage team that played the Blues on Tuesday.

Ducks Playoffs: They're guaranteed to be in and have really battled to get there. They've managed to go 8-2 over the last 10 games. I want to be in the lottery as much as the next team, but I'd love to cool the jets on the Ducks so they can exit early. Though I also don't want them to play the Fins. We'll see how they come out. Either hot from the momentum, or relaxed because they locked up a spot.

Last Chance: It's some of the UFA and RFA players final opportunity to show the staff what they've got and why they deserve a deal. Upshall will get locked up for sure, and Prucha likely will too, but there are a lot of question marks. Lisin, Lindstrom, Dawes and Yandle are all RFAs. They need to impress if they want a bigger deal. Guys like Klee and Kalinin need to show up too. I'd play a chunk of those guys because they should be hungry. If they aren't then they likely shouldn't be getting a deal anyways.

Give the Fans a Show Eh?: It's the last game of the year. Let's go out on a good note. Get the Arena rocking. We don't want to go out there looking flat and blah. It's Fan Appreciation Night, so appreciate us by putting in a quality effort.

That's all from here. I hope I win the road trip with the Coyotes!