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Jovanovski Clears Waivers, Sent To San Antonio

The Phoenix Coyotes today announced that Ed Jovanovski has cleared waivers and has been sent down to the San Antoinio Rampage of the American Hockey League. This is a pretty unusual move to send down such a high profile, and highly paid player as Jovanovski is very rare. It's even more unusual that no one would claim him off waivers, though his 6.5 million dollar contract is fairly large. Gretzky commented "Even our top players need to know that they'll be held accountable for their effort, or lack there of. I think this sends a message to the other guys in the room that they need to get their act together."

The move also angered some people at the minor league level. Chuck Watson, Owner and Chairman of the Houston Aeros was none too pleased. "Look these teams are supposed to be for the development of young players into NHL players. Sure some people are career AHLers, but come on, this just makes our relatively inexperienced guys go up against top notch NHL talent." When informed the player was Ed Jovanovski and he look at the stats, Watson quickly retracted his earlier statement. The Areos play 3 games against the Rampage to close out the season.

Called up from San Antonio to take Jovanovski's place is Sean Sullivan who has gone 7-22-29 with a -7 in 60 games with the Rampage.