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More Phoenix Coyotes Updates - Morning, still nothing...

Sooo... there's about 4 hours left until the deadline and exactly... well, nothing has happened. 1 trade in the entirety of the NHL. Antoine Vermette to Columbus for Pascal Leclaire. That's it? Where are the blockbuster deals? Where are any deals at all?

As far as the Coyotes go, there are now changes to the Flyers possibility from last night. TSN now has it as a three-way deal with Morris to Philly, Biron to Buffalo and us getting ???. No idea. There is still talk of him going to Boston and us getting one of their talented young guys in return. In the mix is possibly Blake Wheeler. My plan to spite him and make him play here may come to fruition!

As far as Olli Jokinen, still lots of talk of him moving, but no details on where he could go or what we would get in return.

Hopefully something happens soon. I'd like to know what my team is going to look like tomorrow...

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