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Dallas Stars @ Phoenix Coyotes Preview and Gamethread



Dallas Stars Phoenix Coyotes

Location: Arena
Start Time: 7:00pm MST
TV: Versus
Radio: 550AM
Opposition Blog: Defending Big D

Holy cow. I laid on the couch for a snooze and that turned into about 3 hours of sleep! Not good. So you get a hurried preview before I run off to the game. Sorry!

Five for Winning

Dallas' Woes: They have not been the hungry team that climbed back into the playoff race. Instead they've lost their last 5 and find themselves scrabling to try and get back into the playoff picture. That could go either way in terms of how they show up tonight. It could be a hungry team or it could be one that's so far in their heads they can't remember how to play.

Injuries: Coyotes have McGrattan done for the year, but the Stars have many star players out for extended periods and have run Turco ragged. Here's a look at the whole list.

Dallas Stars Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Brian Sutherby other-excused 03/30/2009
Stephane Robidas other-excused 03/30/2009
Trevor Daley knee 03/30/2009
Krys Barch other-excused 03/30/2009

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Sergei Zubov hip 11/29/2008
Brenden Morrow knee 11/21/2008
Toby Petersen foot 02/24/2009

Tired Turco: Like I said, he's seen a LOT of playing time lately. It's very possible that we could see Tobias Stephan in goal tonight. We're the "easy team" for them over this stretch of games and they have to have Turco to start winning.

Contract Auditions: Joakim Lindstrom and Enver Lisin are back in the lineup tonight. They need to really show something in these last few games if they expect to get much in their RFA negotiations. At this point they'll definitly be getting two way deals, but more money is always good. Steve Reinprecht is going to be UFA as well and while he could be a good fit here to resign, if he can show something idown the stretch it could be good for him.

On Versus: Hopefully the crowd realizes we're on national tv tonight! THat doesn't happen for us much, so I hope they wake up and cheer on the guys with all their might.