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Coyotes in Holding Pattern... Nothing Going On... At All... Except Rumors. Yawn.


Sorry for not giving you any new news over the last couple of days, but i've been a little under the weather. Though that hasn't really mattered all that much since there has been absolutely nothing happening on the Coyotes front really at all. Darren Dreger even had to basically reprint his story on Morris being traded because there wasn't anything going on. Other than that there are rumours all over about Olli Jokinen being on the block too, but there hasn't really been anything really solid in terms of proposed deals or teams he could go to. There's only been one deal in the NHL over the last couple days and that was just Niclas Havelid to the New Jersey Devils for blueliner Annsi Salmela to the Thrashers

Hopefully things start to pick up. I'm sure that Morris will be dealt today or tomorrow. The brass is just trying to figure what deal on the table is the best more than likely. We'll see what happens, but either way we have to wait for Thursday for real hockey again...