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Phoenix Coyotes @ Anaheim Ducks Preview


Just a quick preview since it's an early game today and a quick turn around for the team.

  • Ilya Bryzgalov will get his 5th consecutive start tonight as Gretzky stated in last night's postgam press conference.
  • Not sure what the line up will look like, but we know that we won't see the bruising Fedoruk-McGrattan-Prust line in it's entirety as Brian McGrattan is done for the year after a fight the last time we played the Ducks. Looked like something to his shoulder. That's too bad after eveything he went through this season.
  • Nigel Dawes will likely be in the lineup again as Gretzky said he played his best game since the trade last night.
  • Jonas Hiller should start against us again. He's 5-0-1 in his career against us while JS Giguere is 0-1-3. Not rocket science there.
  • Anaheim is currently in a 3 way tie for tenth and fighting for a playoff spot. Let's damage their chances tonight.
  • Viktor Tikhonov wil hopefully stay in the lineup too. His being a pest on the delayed penalty last night created one of the highlight goals of the year.