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Vancouver Canucks @ Phoenix Coyotes Preview


We're playin' the Canucks tonight eh. It will be okay. Let's have some beers and enjoy the tanking.

Alright. Time to get back on mission guys. We beat up on the Sharks a couple ago, and then got the loser point against the Ducks on thursday thanks to a questionable Ducks goal. Tonight however we get the Vancouver Canucks who have been red hot as of late going 16-3-1 to challenge Calgary for the Northwest Division lead. That could also be trouble since we like to play hard against the difficult teams so we'll see what happens. If you want to check out what the goons over at Nucks' Misconduct, the Vancouver SBN blog, have to say then go ahead. They've probably already gone through a halfcase of Molson though. :P

Five for Winning Tanking

Shoot at the Logo: Over the last month Luongo has been lights out. He's gone 7-1-1 in March with a .927 save percentage. If he comes out and plays like he normally does we'll have problems making any of our chances look all that good.

Burrows: He's been providing a lot of the offense for the Canucks for the last while. He has 8 goals and an assist over the last 9 games. Though he's also a punk, so we should make someone else do the scoring. :)

Can They Win Here?: The Canucks haven't won a road game since February 21st in Toronto. Thier glut of home games are what have helped them get such a winning streak going. How are we supposed to ank If they're sucking on the road? Come on guys get your heads (or stomachs, looking at you Wellwood...) in the game!

We Can't Score Goals Though...: Our 4 goals in the game against San Jose on Tuesday was the only time in the last 11 games that we've managed to score more than two goals. No wonder we can't win any games. If we want to win we'll have to do better, but for tanking that's just prefect.

Bryz Just Can't Buy a Game: Ilya has played well for us, but it seems like the rest of our team just ahsn't been able to put the team over the top. He's had a .917 save percentage over his last ten games, but only a 3-5-2 record to show for it. So don't put many of our losses on the goalie's shoulders.

Also while it may be 80s night tonight at arena, If you show up with a flock of seaguls do i will cut your hair right off your head. Just say no.