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Five for Reading - Duck Season!


This is Duck the Tank Engine from the show Thomas the Tank Engine. What else do I need to say? Gotta love Google images...

I know you're waiting In breathless anticipation of the game preview that I'll put up later today, but in the meantime, here are some links to keep you busy.

Chemmy over at PPP found an old Sports Illustrated Article about the early years of the expansion Ottawa Senators. I'm sure he was using it to taunt the Sens fans, but the lesson we can take from the article? IT COULD BE WORSE!

The folks over at Raw Charge (the new SBN Lightning Blog) ask that people please stop dumping on Stamkos. Phoenix fans can relate, how many of our guys would be in juniors or the minors right now if we weren't desparate for the talent.

Darren at Silver Seven Sens has a neat story about something many of us hockey fans here in the desert may not be familiar with,the Hockey Tree. In short it's something that gets your kids' hockey stuff to dry as fast as possible so that your house doesn't reek. A neccessity in Canada.

Over at Litter Box Cats, Whale just can't be satisfied with an anthopomorphic stuffed panther. Nooo he apperently wants a real live Florida Panther taken out of the everglades parading around knawing people's faces off. Is that what you want good sir? Panthers are just one rung below bears on the ladder of godless killing machines.

Finally some "Greg" character over that some small time blog called.. Puck Diddy? Oh, Puck Daddy. That makes no sense. Anyway, I guess he thinks that there's some sort of moral ambiguity going on with teams that want to draft high. Whatever P. Daddy. Do you even make records anymore?I thought you liked basketball. Where'd you get that money anyways?