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San Jose Sharks @ Phoenix Coyotes Preview - Can We Forfeit?


13 games left everyone! Let's hope these ones are at least prettier than the last game. Tonight we get the Sharks and our nasty habit of playing up to the level of our opponent.  San Jose is 11-2-2 against us in the last 15 games though so they have that going for them. As well as, you know, being second in the West. Can't we just give them the points and hang out and play some playstation or something? That sounds like a good plan.

Five for Winning Doing Something

Shoot!: 8 shots through 2 periods is pretty weak. Even for us. at least look like you're trying guys! Not saying they all have to go in, but at least make the other goalie break a little bit of a sweat. Or at least keep him from running to get some nachos during the game...

Skate: Public skate rules: go around in a clockwise motion. Or look like you're expending energy and want the puck. Choose one.

Lines: Hey Wayne, are you sure we have enough guys to make a fll team? Oh wait we have 26 guys on the roster! Seriously? None of them would be better served getting playing time in San Antonio? Whatever. Just do something crazy and roll set lines. What do you have to lose? Not your job apperently...

Save!: Bryzgalov played lights out last game. Maybe he can step it up again against the fins. Either that or he's still going to be ticked off about it and just sit in goal eating hot dogs. That's what I'd do.

Hit: Anything. JR is still skating around. ne. How about you hit him? Or Clowe or Pickles (Vlasic) anyone really. just make things interesting for a game. I'll still take the tank, but effort is nice.

GO YOTES GO! (For Tavares)

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