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Nashville Predators @ Phoenix Coyotes Preview - Let the Tank Begin


I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Odin! We can't tank! These guys are professionals. They'll have pride and want to win games." OR "We don't pay for tickets to watch them tank!" Or even, "WE CAN STILL MAKE THE PLAYOFFS RIGHT?!" Well to all that I say, with all due respect, Suck it. In order to get to 90 points or even close we'd have to win out. Quite frankly that's not going to happen. It's done, it's over, no post-season games for us. Since we can't be in there, we may as well keep up the sucking that we've been so good at since the all-star break and land a high draft pick. Does that mean i'm not angry or disappointed that it's come to this? No. I am. I'm angry that they teased us by doing so well for so long before our sucking. I'm angry that some nights we look like a pee-wee team playing out there. I'm angry that we ever traded for Olli Jokinen in the first place. Our team would have been pretty great without him. But I can't turn losses into wins, I can't be coach (Though you have my resume GMDM, I have as much coaching experience as Wayne did when he started. Hire me?) and I can't get Keith Ballard back. What I can do is cross my fingers and hope that all this sucking leads to something. Like getting John Tavares or Victor Hedman. If that means I have to root for the other team for the next dozen games or so then so be it. There must be meaning to this pain. So come join me in the tank. We may need to get a bigger one next time though. Oh right, there's a game tonight too... Welcome Predators! Would you like something to drink? Can we get you anything? Here have 2 points. Maybe we can pass the puck to you? Does that count as an assist? No? Oh, Sorry Ed.

Five for Winning Tanking

Give Jovo 30 minutes of Ice Time:  Why not? He leads Coyotes Defensman with an awesome -17. Though he won't be able to pass it to Arnott this time since he's out. the -17 I could forgive if he was on the shutdown pairing, but he's not. He's supposed to be on the scoring pair of D. Not working out so great.

Tordjman! No word yet on who's getting the start from the Coyotes. If we keep running Tordjman out ther we'll lose some games though. He's a serviceable goalie, but not yet. He had just settled in down in San Antonio. He's not ready for the big show yet.

Keep the Special Teams Special: They've been bad for so long I forget what good power plays and penalty kills look like.Hopefully changes come in the offseason and in camp that fix this for next year, but in the meantime keep it up.

Let them win faceoffs: But try a little, we can't make it look like we're letting them win. Though to be fair we could try to win and get the same result. We've been terrible in the circles. Lombardi has been good since his arrival, but that's about it.  

Keep mixing it up: I get strategically switching lines in the game but Doan never even knows what his line will be to start the game. It wouldn't surprise me if the lines changed on the way out to the ice 50% of the time. But we've gone with it so far so...

Okay, so that was depressing, but necessary. Tune in next game too where if we lose tonight we'll be totally eliminated from contention and you can have some golf course reviews.

ALSO for those going to the game tonight don't forget that the COyotes are hosting a Coors Light Pre-Game party in front of the arena tonight. It starts at 5pm and refreshments aren't free like I had hoped, but hopefully they'll at least be good. See you out there!