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Carolina Hurricanes @ Phoenix Coyotes - Preview and Gamethread

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Carolina Low Pressure Systems Hurricanes

Phoenix Coyotes

Location: Arena
Start Time: 7:00pm MST
Radio: 910AM
Evil Opposition Blog: Canes Country

Here's the basic breakdown. We have 29 games left. We need to get to about 90 or so points to make the playoffs. Right now we have 53 points. That means we need at least 19 of the remaining games to go our way. Or if you rather, for every game we lose, we have to win 2. The Hurricanes are a fine team, and in a similar position to us, but I'd say we need this game just a little bit more. If for nothing else than to keep ticket sales from tanking. We didn't play awfully in the Detroit game, but we need consistant effort and to play like the playoffs are already here. Let's light this candle!

Five for Winning!

Play Angry?Tee AZRepublic ran a story about the Coyotes playing angry, and that works fine, so long as it doesn't make them play out of control. Anger in the form of a chip on your shoulder can work in your favor, but just being pissed gets missed saves and holding your stick too tight to make things happen. Just play intensely and focused.

Keep the TouchHey, you guys found the back of the net again. Let's keep it up, just score at least one more than the other guys this time huh? The PP came through too. Keep that end up and turn the D up a notch or two.

Our Jokinen is better than your JokinenThe Canes picked up Jussi Jokinen on waivers today, and while he's not realated to Olli, it's fun to talk about them. Olli needs to pick it up though. He doesn't have to lead the team, but we need the goals and he needs to score them.

I'll enter your zone...Enter the zone with some confidence boys! We need to control it in our zone and not let them take our zone away from up. Dump and chase no more! Take it in. Give it to Bods, or Doan or hell even Yandle and get quality shots.

Let Bryz SeeLots of deflections over the last few games. A few off our own guys. Shove the campers out of the way and keep the traffic in front of our own net down. Be physical and make them take it to the boards.


Song of the Game: Pantera - Walk - Let's go earn some respect tonight! and some points. Good for playing angry too.