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Phoenix Coyotes at Detroit Red Wings - Preview and Gamethread




Phoenix Coyotes

Detroit Red Wings

Location: Joe Louis Arena
Start Time: 5:30pm MST
Radio: 910AM
Opposition Blog:
Winging it in Motown

I don't like saying games are must wins, but well, THIS GAME IS A MUST WIN! After thoughly sucking last night in Nashville we have to pick up the points in this one. If we don't stop both this 4 game losing streak, and our slide down the standings, we'll be finding ourselves on the golf course in April AGAIN! Un friggin acceptable. On the upside the Wings had lost 5 in a row before beating St Louis in the shootout. Something's not right there, so hopefully we can take them down in Detroit!

Five for Winning:

Play like whatever team that was in the 3rd: This was basically the opposite of the Buffalo game a couple back. For the first two periods you looked absolutely lifeless, then in the 3rd you came back to life. It also looked more like the team that beat down the Red Wings last time. So whatever game plan that was, use it again.

Puck Control: Hard to score when you're turning the puck over all over the friggin place like we have been. Usually at the exact wrong place. Stick + Puck = boom! not oh, shall I pass this ever so lightly, oh bother, he stole the puck!

Don't let the Joe get to you: Today's Joe is not yesterday's Joe. With the economic downturn slamming Detroit super hard, even they aren't filling the place anymore. Especially on a Wednesday, it shouldn't be any more hostile than when they came here. Treat it exactly like that game and you'll be fine.

GIVE BRYZ SOME DAMN HELP!: Bryzgalov has only given up 5 goals in the last 3 games, but we haven't been able to generate the offense to make it count for anything. That has to stop tonight. If we don't make the playoffs it certainly won't be on the goalie...

More Call-ups?: Today we called up Kevin Porter again and Jeff Hoggan. THat's not a good sign. Our Injured List? Derek Morris, Kurt Sauer, Peter Mueller, Steve Reinprecht and Viktor Tikhonov. That's not good for this time of year. Hell, that's not good EVER! Two of our top 4 DMen, 1 good sophmore, another PK rookie, and a Vet that was playing really well. Hope our young guys shine bright soon, because they HAVE TO!

GO Yotes!

Song of the Game - I've got Hurt Feelings by Flight of the Conchords
Odd choice I know, but it's 98% awesome.