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Phoenix Coyotes @ Nashville Predators - Preview and Gamethread




Phoenix Coyotes

Nashville Predators

Location: Sommet Center
Start Time: 6:05pm MST
Radio: 910AM
Opposition Blog: On the Forecheck

Tonight we roll into Nashville looking to put an end to our 3 game losing streak. We really need the two points, but perhaps even more importantly we don't need yet another team coming from the basement of the conference, to being back in the middle of an already crowded playoff race. Hopefully we get put these guys away early.

Five for Winning:

Score Early: It's been 2:22:36 since we've scored a goal. We need to shake this scoreless streak as fast as possible or it's going to hang over us all game until we do.

Overcome the Injuries: Yeah, we're getting bangged up at the wrong time, but the young'uns have filled in okay. Keep your heads up and play for a spot guys. Make life easy.

Shake the Nashville Blues: Phoenix is 1-5-2-1 in it's last 8 trips to Nashville. Something makes us suck when we go there. This is a crucial time to shake those types of things because we neeeeeed those points.

Power Play Again: 0-13 in the last 2 games on the power play. 29th in the league. It gets tiring hearing about, it's even more tiring writing about it. This has to HAS TO get better.

Limit Chances: We've been pretty good about this lately, as even though we've been shutout the last two games, the other teams only had 2 goals a piece, and San Jose got one in the empty net. The D and shot blockers have made the shots the opposition has gotten off mostly poor quality, but the Offense needs to step up and make that count for something.

I'm out for now. See you at gametime! Go Yotes Go!

Song of the Game - Eye of the Tiger