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2nd UPDATE - Morris To Sit Out Until Traded


(3/3) Second report out of TSN tonight Bob McKensie reports that the Morris deal could get done tonight. He suggests that one possible piece back could be the Caps' Tom Poti who was with the Rangers durning GM DOn Maloney's time there. Maloney does like his pickups from back then...

2008 - Tom Poti 38 3 10 13 6 18 0 0 1 0 42 7.1

(3/3) TSN now reporting that there are three teams still in the running for Morris. The Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers. There are some interesting players to be had on those teams. The other good thing is that they're all east coast which means he may be more interested in coming back at season's end. We can only hope... Anyhow come up with the best trade you can make using one of those three teams.

TSN is reporting That defenseman Derek Morris has given GM Don Maloney a list of teams he would be willing to waive his NTC to go to. In order to prevent an injury in the meantime, DMo will sit out tonight's game against the Blues.

This is a really unfortunate turn for the team. Morris is a solid defenseman and an all around great guy. He's always at the fan events and is probably the 2nd most popular guy with the local fans after Shane Doan. Hopefully some sign and trade deal isn't necessary as if we were able to straighten out our financial situation, sooner rather than later, there's a possibility of getting him back as he becomes an Unrestricted Free Agent at season's end. It's not that far fetched either. His familty has been here for quite some time and he's the only Coyote player I know of that stays here all summer rather than going back to Canada or wherever. Even more unfortunate is that we won't get to see him play here again and send him off right...