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Atlanta Thrashers @ Phoenix Coyotes - Preview and Gamethread




Atlanta Thrashers

Phoenix Coyotes

Location: Arena
Start Time: 7:00pm MST
TV: Center Ice
Radio: 910AM
Opposition Blog: Bird Watchers Anonymous

Well I'm running short on time and have to get to this game myself. So in an effort to help the Coyotes simplify their game, i'm going to simplify my gamethread.

Quick Notes:

-Tellqvist to get another start tonight after not getting any goal support in a solid effort last game.

- Hale will probably be out again as his wife recently gave birth.

Five for Winning: Do as follows: Come up with clutch saves, Win faceoff, Forecheck, Make your pass crisp, score goal. Repeat as necessary.

Here's some other reading from Coyotes Hipcheck blog for other news and notes. Be back with the postgame as soon as the game is over.