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Calgary Flames @ Phoenix Coyotes




Calgary Flames

Phoenix Coyotes

Location: Arena
Start Time: 7:00pm MST

TV: NHL Network
Radio: 910AM

This will be an abreviated gameday both because the wife demands it (Love you hon!) and because at this point we just need to win the game. Collapses like what occured at the end of the Canucks game are simply not acceptable! When you're leading 3-1 at the stard of the 3rd you have to be able to finish it. Playing conservative isn't going to do it either. You guys dominated the beginning of that game then just gave up. Stop that!

Five for Winning





Game: That's all I can say at this point. They know what they have to do to win, I know, you know, my mom who doesn't watch hockey knows. Just find any way to win or your season will be over before renewals are due (Thanks for moving up the date on those by the way! Jerks.)

Song of the Game: Kings on Leon - Sex on Fire: Flames + Valentine's Day... Makes sense to me!