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Vancouver Canucks @ Phoenix Coyotes - Preview and Gamethread




Vancouver Canucks

Phoenix Coyotes

Location: Arena
Start Time: 7:00pm MST
Radio: 910AM
Opposition Blog: Nucks Misconduct
Well we were able to shake that confounded losing streak last night, completely shutting down the Stars. Now we have to turn around and do it all over again to get some good momentum and try to climb our way back up in the standings. The Canucks have turned things around since the last time we met and have won their last 3 games pretty convincingly over the 'Canes, 'Hawks and Blues. (I wanted to shorten that one too, but to what? 'Lues? That's not nice. Though i'll save it for when we play them next...)
Five for Winning:
Go 5 Hole! Again...: It worked pretty well last time, and up until these last few games people were still questioning it Luongo was 100%. Make them Question it again and go between the pads early.
Keep holding that head stand: Last night was great Bryzzie, but you're going to have to keep it up for us to get back into playoff contention. You don't need to get the Shutout everynight, (Though if you insist, I won't say no to all shutouts...) but playing like you did last night would be huge for us.
Do all that stuff you did on D last night: I don't know what you did in practice, but you guys were all over it last night. Loose pucks, checkin' people and stealing pucks with ease. Heck you guys even kept it in the zone with regularity. Good stuff, now just do the exact same thing tonight.
Score at least 3: It's not mandatory, but it does take some of the pressure of Bryz. He's going to give up one now and then, and you guys need to get the Offense back. Scoring 3 or more would get the confidence back up and likely get the winning streak going. Do it!
Don't be patting yourself on the back: Yeah. You played a good game last night. You broke the losing streak. Kudos. Now forget about that and remember that you have to win a bunch more to get your playoff spot back.
That's all i've got for now... GO YOTES GO!