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Stars Shutdown by Bryzgalov... Again... - Coyotes 1 - Stars 0


Someone on the Stars staff thought it would be a great idea to play some ABBA during the breaks... It was NOT a great idea though. Just making sure you were all on board with that...

Quick Recap since we're playing again tonight...

Play For a Whole Game: Yes, Yes and Yes. The Stars weren't getting any quality chances and the few they did Bryz was there for.

How About We Keep the Lines for a Game?: I couldn't really tell, but it looked like they stayed together for most of the game.


Forget About Records: Looked like you knew who these guys were and played good enough to get it done. And you had to. Good job!

Solid Goaltending Would Be Nice...: The shutout was okay... I guess... But You have to do it again tonight or it doesn't count.

...So Would Solid Defense: Definitly. They got to all the loose pucks, dug for the puck roughed up the Stars and played all around a pretty great game.

Bryzgalov played out of his mind, and Enver Lisin got the only goal off a great lead pass from Ken Klee. Enver needed that one and played great throughout. Repeat Performance tonight please!