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Coyotes @ Stars Preview and Gamethread




Phoenix Coyotes

Dallas Stars

Location: American Airlines Center
Start Time: 6:30pm MST
Radio: 910AM
Opposition Blog: Defending Big D

Well Coyotes fans, it's do or die time for our boys in the red and sand. We still have 28 games left, but we have to find some way to get to about 90 points (give or take a few) and that means we need to win AT LEAST 18 of them. Every game we wait to put together a winning streak the harder it will be to climb back up. We've already starting hearing "firesale" rumors, so we need to get things moving.

Five for Winning:

Play For a Whole Game: More than a few times during this losing skid the team has come out strong in the first and then taken the rest of the game off. They've done the opposite too, coming out flat and they scraping back late in the game just to come up short. Put it all together this time guys!

How About We Keep the Lines for a Game?: Last game no one knew where anyone else was supposed to be. It didn't help to be without Hanzal and Carcillo for a good chunk of the game, but in previous ones we've looked just as bad. Post some lines and stick with the things for at least 3 games. See what happens. We win a bit and you stick with them the rest of the year. Deal? Are you even listening Wayne? Sheesh...

Forget About Records: Yeah we've sucked and they've been great of the last bit. So? We need to win. So that means they have to lose and that makes the previous record inconsequential. Yeah, they're the hot team, but don't thing about that. Just think about how Turco thinks himself a forwrad and light him up tonight eh?

Solid Goaltending Would Be Nice...: Bryz got shelled last game, and then rather than just have him shot, they put Telly in who gives up 3 more goals in a period also not helping him in any way. Hopefully whoever they give the start to tonight is able to get the job done after that and then we start the other tomorrow night. THat's what backups are for! Playing part of the back-to-back would be great for Telly and for the team.

...So Would Solid Defense: Not all of last games mess is at the Goalies' feet. Our defense both by the DMen and by the forwards failed to get in passing lanes, collect loose pucks, or really do much of anything you'd normally expect from them. I expect, hell I DEMAND better this game guys. Not that I have much of a say, but hopefully you all yelling and screaming at each other after the last game will help.


Song of the Game: Usher and Lil John - Yeah! - OKAY! Let's win this game. WHAT?! - Turco got lit up. YEAH!