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Coyotes @ Maple Leafs - Game #34 Gamethread - Aunt Jemima Make Me a Waffle!

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Phoenix Coyotes Toronto Maple Leafs
Coyotes_1_medium_medium At_symbol_medium_medium 3081747862_85248b9361_m_medium

19-12-2 12-14-7
40 points
31 points
7th in Western Conference
12th in the Eastern Conference

Wednesday, Dec 16, 2009, 5:30 PM MST
Air Canada Centre

TV: Fox Sports Arizona and TSN

Radio XTRA 910 AM

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If you haven't already, vote for your favorite Coyotes blog in the Finals for the NHL Arena's hockey blog! You can also vote for your favorite leafs blogs if you haven't yet!

And oh yeah...


Gotta love this video. I know I linked it already, but hey, just gotta show that FSN Arizona at least doesn't mock it's own players. (Check out for more hilarious Leafs and NHL videos)