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Coyotes vs. Blackhawks - Game #16 Preview

The Phoenix Coyotes look to get off a 2 game skid tonight at Arena against the Central Division leading Chicago Blackhawks. The road to this point hasn't been very easy as the Coyotes have played a lot of very talanted teams to get to 9-6. It doesn't get a whole lot easier tonight though as the Blackhawks have managed to get 17 points in only 13 game, giving them a 8-4-1 record. On the plus side they are only 2-2 away this year and other than traveling overseas to start the season, they really haven't had any extended roadtrips. Hopefully it's just a case of a hot home team, but we shall see tonight.

Five for Winning:

Come out to Play: Over the last few games, including a couple of the wins, the Coyotes simply haven't gotten off to good starts in the game. They had to come back against the Ducks on Halloween, Took a lead against Los Angeles on some flukey goals in a game that was flat for both sides, and then goes down a goal against Colorado just a minute in. THis hasn't been the intense team it was to start the season. Looks like maybe just some growing pains, but it had better be temporary.

Slog through the injuries: Zbynek Michalek and Scottie Upshall are both out with injuries as well and Kurt Sauer who has been out since the first game with some neck and head issues. David Schlemko and Mikkel Boedker will take their places in the lineup and need to play at a top level to make things work. On the plus side Jonathan Towes and Ben Eager are out for the hawks, so that'll help our side.

End the streak here: Lost two in a row, we haven't lost 3 in a row this season and it damn well better not start tonight. Having our winning streaks longer than our losing ones is what will carry this team to the playoffs in the end. We can't win everynight, but we better keep our heads well above water.

Be adaptable: Teams have started to figure us out, so change it up when necessary. We can't keep going back to the same things that didn't work 3 minutes ago and try it again and again. Change up your passing and entrances to minimize turnovers.

Be hungry: You guys just gave up at the end last night. UNACCEPTABLE. This team can't quit. Fight the battles everywhere and don't let one loss get you down.