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Judge Approves sale of Phoenix Coyotes to the NHL!

Finally we're out from under the bankruptcy court! WOOOOO! The Phoenix Coyotes can now get on with the business of finding a new permanent owner and more importantly to hockey operations. (Which, by the way are running smoothly anyways, 9-4!) Everything hasn't been wrapped up with a bow or anything, but it's at least one step closer to ensuring the survival of the team here in Phoenix. All we can hope for is that everything happens soon. The NHL though won't be commenting about it anymore it looks like as Bill Daly had this to say courtesy of

"We are pleased and very encouraged by today's developments in court. Now that approval of the proposed sale has been entered by the Court, the National Hockey League will work to close the transaction quickly and assume full control of the Coyotes' business operations. The League also will engage immediately in a process to identify -- and expedite sale of the franchise to -- new ownership that is committed to the Club's long-term success in the Phoenix/Glendale area. We do not intend to comment publicly on that process.

Everyone agrees that Ice Edge is certainly on of the forerunners at the moment, and the Argos guys, who can barely run a CFL team, are suposedly in the mix. It'll be interesting to see if anyone else comes out of the woodwork to try and buy the team. But here's to hoping that we get someone competent and someone fast.