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Coyotes Take Down Stars 3-2, Back to 3rd in Pacific

I was out of town so I didn't really get to see this one. But from the highlights and other accounts I basically came up with the following:

  • Our ice has gone back to being crappy. I thought we had this taken care of. We even brought in an "ice guru" to fix it. We put in a new water system. What's the deal?
  • The defense seemed to do alright overall even without our best players.
  • Ilya Bryzgalov looked solid making some very nice saves.
  • The Coyotes did well in the puck control department after they woke up for the second period.
  • David Schlemko's first NHL goal was very nice and good passing to set it up.
  • Mike Modano is old, but still has sweet stick skills.
  • While Marty Turco certainly seems like a good goalie, I'm glad he's not on my team. His adventures outside of the net would give me fits constantly.

That's really about it for now. Here's your obligatory video highlights and see you in the preview tomorrow.