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Coyotes vs. Stars - Game #19 Preview -

Doing this on the fly tonight as I am on the road in scenic Bisbee, Arizona tonight with an iffy internet connection so here we go...

The Phoenix Coyotes got off to the hot start in October, but have hit a losing skid coming into November. The Coyotes had been 9-4 to start the month, but since then have gone 1-4 and are sliding down in the very competitive Pacific Division Standings. The loss to Montreal was a tough one as the team had plenty of chances, but couldn't cash in. They need to find a way to get things back on track and soon. They have a chance to catch up to at last one team in the division tonight as they take on the Dallas Stars. The Stars got stated pretty slow, but have been buoyed by the fact that they have managed to pull out 6 OT points out of their ten total losses.

Five for Winning:

Get the Power Play Working: The Coyotes squandered 4 chances against Montreal, but overall have been very good this year going 25% on the PP. That's a vast improvement over he last few years, but is something that needs o continue for this offense challenged team.

Continue to Get the New Defense on Task: With all the injuries our call ups need to improve. They weren't always the weak links, but they need to play bigger and the forwards need to help with coverage at times. It'll take an entire team effort to get through this injury bug.

Jovo is still out: The Coyotes website says that he hasn'teven skated with the team since being injured, so we'll be without him again. Who ever though Coyote fans would be sad about that fact? But he's played big this year and the team is certainly less without him.

Bryz still getting the starts: Just like we thought at the beginning of the year, Bryz will continue to get the bulk of the starts. He has been so-so as of late giving up 3 or more goals in each of the losses this month. That goes to show you how much we lean on the goaltending at the moment.

Bissonette to the First Line?: Yeah, not likely, but the goon did get his first NHL goal against the Habs on Thursday. It was a dirty one, but it counted. Plan on him getting in the lineup again tonight against the Stars' Agitators.