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Game #3 Preview - Coyotes at Sabres: Make it 3!


Gametime: 4:00 PT  Broadcasting on FSN-Arizona and Xtra 910 AM

The Coyotes keep the train moving tonight as they roll into Buffalo to take on the Sabres. The Coyotes have been great so far in their short season, winning both games against the Kings and last night shutting out the Penguins. While the penalty kill was a big issue in game 1, last night it appeared that it was all they worked on over the 4 day layoff as the Pens never really got anything going on any of their 5 power play chances. THe Coyotes come into the game outscoring their opponents 9-3 so far and having scored in every period they've played (Yeah, I know that's only 6.)

Buffalo has only played one game, on Saturday along with all the other teams, and has been resting for 5 days. In their first game they were downed by the Montreal Canadiens in overtime. Both teams were very sloppy and neither was getting a lot of shots on goal. It's hard to tell exactly what we'll be facing tonight because of the slapdash nature of the previous game.

Five for Winning

Loving the D: Against the Penguins last night, the Coyotes were taking away everything the Penguins tried. They were in the passing lanes, they were clearing pucks, they were pushing everyone to the outside so that there were no close in chances. They made the Stanley Cup Champions look absolutely silly and I loved every minute of it. If they replicate those things tonight Buffalo doesn't have a chance.

Doan on the Board: Shane Doan got on the point sheet for the first time this season giving an assist to the Ed Jovanovski goal. While it may not be a lot, it's at least starting to get Doan going so we can hopefully see him getting goals soon. He almost had a beauty of a goal last night but was robbed by a brilliant Brent Johnson save.

Jovo Can Score?: We finally saw the return of both the Jovo that can score, with the laser goal last night, AND the Jovo that can hit when he made Geno look like a ballerina off a hit at center ice. Maybe Coach Tippett has shown him how hard work can help him regain his previous form... We can only hope.

Speed Kills: We were drawing penalties all over the place last night. While some of it can be counted towards bad refs all around, it was also in large part due to the speed that the Coyotes displayed. That made the Pens take hooking, holding, interference and other assorted calls. Add to that the frustration that they were displaying at getting beaten to the puck and just having it simply taken away and it was ugly. Hopefully that game didn't sap us of our energy.

Layers: If you've listened to the FSN-Arizona broadcasts at all, Strades and Nash have been talking about layers an awful lot. What that means is that we are always dropping people back so we don't get burned on plays and can keep checking the puck away. It's been magnificent so far as we've controlled the flow and tempo of the game by shutting down chances. Love the new system and we'll see if it keeps working.


UPDATE: Coyotes Website confirms Jason LaBarbera to get the start... Don't screw this up.