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Coyotes Deal Almost Complete - NHL Makes a Deal With Moyes, Other Creditors

There finally appears to be a light at the end of this seemingly never ending dark tunnel that is the Coyotes bankruptcy. Today in court the multiple sides seem to have come to some sort of arrangement to see that everyone that's owed get at least something. The deal itself is reportedly worth 128 million in all. However, there are reports of the NHL buying off Moyes' claims for 30 million dollars. That's better than what he would have been in line for in that he would have had to split what was left of about 11 million dollars between himself and the rest of the unsecured creditors. That means the NHL is ready, Moyes is lined up, Creditors are good, SOF signed off forever ago, but nobody know what's up with Gretzky.

Basically that means...

WE'RE RIGHT WHERE WE WERE AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS! ARGH! Seriously. Moyes could have had this pittiance ages ago without dragging my team through the goddamn mud. Without having the entirety of the fucking media brought down on the top of the team, but no. This dumb sack of crap had to go and do all this and break down anything we had going. We were already thought of by outsiders and nothing and now... It just makes me goddamn angry! Seriously, I get that he wanted all his money, but he rolled the dice bigtime and lost big. Yet another bad business decision on top of all the other ones he's already made.

But I'm going to take a breath and step back on this for a few. By November 2, the NHL could have control of the team. Ice Edge already has a deal in place with Glendale. They've met with the NHL a few times now, been at several of the games so far this year and are almost ready to close. According to Bill Daly there are other group interested too, but we have no idea who they are at the moment. Reinsdorf isn't likely in my opinion, so now that the team looks to FINALLY be out of the courts with this maybe we can get some real ownership and everyone CAN GET OFF OUR BACKS! THough they'll probably still whine and complain about us having a team, but too damn bad.

Whew. The end... Almost...