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Rangers Return to Winning Ways, Coyotes Flounder in 5-2 Loss

I didn't get to see a lot of the game as I was busy searching out a new monitor, put here are my thoughts after watching some of the replay and listening in on the radio:

  • Ilya Bryzgalov didn't have a terrible night as he got hung out to dry on a couple of those again. That being said he needs to step up more than he has the last two games.
  • Jason LaBarbera wasn't bad after he came in in relief. Gave up one more goal, but was pretty solid. The team played pretty well in front of him too. Maybe the means he gets the start in Columbus. He's getting one of the next two games.
  • Penalties killed us again. This has got to stop and soon.
  • We out shot the Rangers 32-24 but gave them too many odd man rushes and were out of position on almost all of the goals.
  • Our PK unit has gone downhill as the Rangers got 2 more PP goals against us
  • Vernon Fiddler at least looked pretty good out there getting a shorthanded goal
  • The fight the team showed to get back into the game in the second was good, but I was let down by how they seem to get things put together in streaks and then fall apart just as quickly.
  • What happened to our faceoff %? We won only 42% of our faceoffs tonight. That doesn't help you effectively control the puck. Come on guys...
  • Yeah, just frustrated about how flat we've looked. 6-4 is an okay start, but let's pick up the next two on the road trip. If we win two for every loss like we had been, that's not a bad pace at all.

That's all I've got for right now. Boo to this loss, it was a winnable game until we gave up in the second. Hopefully Tippett know how to pull you out of this already.He sure won't be sugar coating it for them in the room either.