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Coyotes at Rangers - Game Preview #10 - Get Back on Track

The Coyotes start a 3 game road trip tonight against the Rangers at Madison Square Garden. Both teams are coming off of streak busting losses and will be looking to get back to their winning ways. The Coyotes have a lot of work to do as they did not look good in their 5-3 loss. Shane Doan was the real bright spot, and though he got 4 goals against, Bryz didn't look terrible, he just got hung out to dry on some plays. The Rangers took the Montreal Canadiens into overtime where they got beaten by Michael Cammalleri for a 5-4 final score. They too took penalties on top of penalties to let Montreal into the game so we'll both be facing similar issues.

Five for Winning

Take Better Care of the Puck: We were terrible with our passing and our turnovers and that led to a lot of dumb play. 2 too many men penalties which we haven't seen since the Gretzky days. We had the same issue in the Detroit game, but found a way to come back in that one. Get it cleaned up soon or this will be a long week of practices in between games.

Don't Make Doan Carry the Team: He's been getting into form over the last few games. 2 goals against LA, 3 assists against Boston, he's been a real leader and example. But like Dave Tippett said in his postgame press conference after the loss, the other guys have to start following the example and putting in as much effort. He didn't name names, but I have to imagine guys like Peter Mueller among others are on that list. Step it up guys.

Who's in Goal?: Henrik Lundqvist hurt his foot against Montreal and is Questionable for tonight's game. Stephen Valiquette would be in for him if he can't go. Valiqutte has started two games so far this season and looked like two totally different guys in each. He shutout the Ducks a couple weeks back, and then last week against the Sharks gave up 5 goals before getting the hook at the hook after the 2nd period. Newsday thinks Lundqvist will be ready, but elsewhere we're still hearing Valiquette. If anyone has updates post them in the comments.

Get back to the system: Defensively we've been responsible for most of the season, we allowed breakaways that led to goals that weren't very pretty. Get back to the fundamentals that got you here and everything will be alright.

Give Bryz some help: Ilya Bryzgalov has been outstanding for us so far, but the previously mentioned defense and turnover have hung him out to dry. Keep his confidence up because if he gets inside his head we'll lose pillow Bryz and get too crazy for his own good Bryz. That won't be pretty.