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Coyotes vs. Red Wings - Game Preview #8

Wait, what's happening? Hockee? It's been so long, I'm not sure I really remember what that is. The thing with the ice and the teams and the other stuff right? Okay, okay, let's see if we can get back in gear with this then. I sure do hate the NHL schedule though. The Phoenix Coyotes haven't played since Saturday. That stinks. On the other hand, neither have the Red Wings. So I guess that balances out a little at least. And over the next couple weeks we play 8 games so that helps out my hockey fix quite a bit. In the meantime, at least some people have woken up to the fact that we're a decent team. Hopefully the guys on the Red Wings haven't been among them.

Five for Winning

Keep up the Checking: After the Bruins game goalie Tim Thomas said "They (Coyotes) were hitting everything that moved out there." That's a good way to keep possession of the puck. They aren't the most bone crunching or dominating hits, but anytime the opposition tried to carry the puck in there was a body there to stop them.

Be Rested, Not Rusty: Any time you have an extended layoff between games there's the question of if your team will play like they have a bunch of energy from the rest, or have to find themselves all over again because they forgot how to play. With what we've been hearing from practices the guys have been working in the off days fairly hard so they better be geared up for tonight's tilt. The Red Wings will be battling the same thing though, so whichever loses or looks flat gets hung with the rusty label.

Give the Puck to Upshall: Scottie Upshall had the prettiest goal of the season last game and has looked hungry all year. On the line with Lombardi and Mueller they've all looked good, but he's got a lot to prove, mostly to himself, and he wants the goals.

Doan With the Assist!: Shane Doan had 3 assists in a game where he's battling the flu? Friggin awesome. We've relied on him to score goals, but if he wants to be the playmaker instead, then more power to the Captain. 1-5-6 through the seven games so far. that's almost a point per game.

Bryz. Just Bryz.: If Ilya Bryzgalov keeps playing like this through the whole season (Yeah I know there will be ups and downs) there may be some hardware in his future. 1.14 GAA, .953 sv% can't keep up all year, but why not drag it out as long as possible eh?