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Coyotes Beat Down Bruins 4-1: "Tired" Excuses Begin Immediately

The Coyotes simply owned the Boston Bruins last night, beating them 4 -1. The Coyotes dictated from the outset exactly how the game would go. They intercepted passes, broke up plays and worked hard for every puck. Anytime there was a group of players fighting for possession a Coyote took it out of the bunch. The Coyotes just looked hungrier in every possible way. IS that what the homer announcers on NESN said? or TSN? No instead they made excuses for the Bruins. "They were tired from playing a back to back" etc. We were "surprisingly competitive" or otherwise stunned a sleep deprived team. Bull. We took our game straight at the Bruins and they folded.

From the outset the Coyotes as a team decided that everyone in a Bruins jersey that touched the puck was going to get hit (even Chara once or twice). While the Bruins were able to collect a few shots on goal, in general they weren't getting any type of rhythm going once they got the puck into the zone. there was little to no pressure as Bryz would swallow up the puck, or the defensive effort would simply turn them away.

Each of the Coyote goals were scored because the team had a plan or used it's speed to set up plays. Two power play goals were scored by defensemen pinching to get the rebound (the Ed Jovanovski and Keith Yandle goals) Adrian Aucoin scored when a wrist shot defelcted of a Bruins player and off Tim Thomas's leg pad. And Scottie Upshall basted a slapshot over Thomas glove hand. None of the goals were weak, they were simply ones where the Coyotes players had a plan of what they were going to do and executed it. Shane DOan had assists on 3 of the goals despite battling "flu-like symptoms" all day. That's a Captain for you.

As for the Boston goal, it was a good shot, but Ilya Bryzgalov had made saves on better ones all night. The Shot from Mark Stuart just bounced between the legs and past him. A weak goal to lose the shutout to, but hey, 4-1. I'll take it.

This type of win will keep happening if teams come in unprepared for the Coyotes to play like this. Let's hope Detroit thinks they're better than us too.