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Coyotes vs. Bruins - Game Preview #7 - BOOOOO WHEELER BOOOO!

The Pacific Division leading Phoenix Coyotes take on the 3-3 Boston Bruins tonight, hopefully in front of a larger crowd than the one we saw on Thursday. The 6,000 or so saw a good come from behind win in OT, but we need to get more fans in the stands. This 4-2 start is a good way to get that going but it needs to be built on even more starting tonight. This is also the first time Blake Wheeler will be playing in Glendale since he turned down the Coyotes and ran away to Boston. Hopefully fans let him have it. No word on the starting goalie as Thomas played last night, shutting out the stars, so we may see Tuuka Rask.

Five for Winning

No More Breakouts for Yandle: That poke check/own goal last game against the Blues was brutal. Keith either needs to get some more confidence with the puck so he isn't retreating near the crease, or just not bother with the breakout and let someone else carry the puck out. Those types of mistakes will lead to losses more often than not and our guys bailed him out on Thursday.

Keep the lines together: At least the Hanzal line and the Lombardi one. Both have found their rhythm and are making things happen. That Lombardi to Upshall goal was a thing of beauty in an otherwise ugly game. I understand getting matchups or trying to create, but with how those lines are playing why mess with a good thing?

Shift Change Effectively: We're at home, so let's get the right guys on the ice. Not only to keep Martin Hanzal against their top guys, but to keep our top lines away from Zdeno Chara as well. Now that we've found ways to score again we need to keep it up, Chara won't help.

Special Teams: The power play still needs some work, but the Kill has been solid this year. It's typically one of the weakest areas for the guys has been much improved. We went 76% last season, and so far this year have killed 82% of the penalties we've taken. Still room to improve, but that's much better than last year.

Keep Being Stingy: So far this season we've been the hardest team to score against in the entire league. The team goals against averages out to 1.50 goals per game. Absolutely insane compared with 3.04 per game. The Bruins have been averaging 3 goals a game so far though (putting them in the middle of the league in that stat) so we'll see what that equals out to tonight. Hopefully Ilya Bryzgalov can bring or GAA down even more with another solid game.

GO YOTES! (Hurt Wheeler!)