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Bolts @ Coyotes - Preview and Gamethread



Tampa Bay Lightning Phoenix Coyotes

Haha, get it? Bolts? Haha, I kill myself...

Location: Arena
Start Time: 7:00pm MST
TV: Center Ice Only
Radio: 910AM

Alright, gotta pull it together. It's only half way through the season right? Just because we played like crap on a stick the last couple of games is no reason to get down right? Right. We can do this. 41 more games to go... Let's get our heads in the game!

Well I think we gave ourselves yet another game to use of an example of how not to play the other night. SO let's build on that like they did last time they got schelacked by the Hawks. Go on a points streak. The Lighting are definitly a team that you could get one rolling on as they're not far behind the Islanders in the Tevares... errr first pick in the draft race. The trick is that we'll be going up against Rick Tocchet, who knows our team pretty well. Or at least he should, having been our previous assistant coach. THough he was a little distracted for a lot of that time...

Anyways... Quick Keys to the game...
Five for Winning

Be Pissed: Yesh, you got your collective butts handed to you on a silver platter last game. Be mad about that. You played like crap. Be mad about that too. Then turn all that anger into energy that you can use rather than talking a big game like you did last time and then coming out like you wanted to be anywhere else but there. Seriously, Man up Moose!

Don't Get Down: If you can't completely manage the above task, at least don't have a friggin pity party for yourselves. They get a goal? That's fine, but work your butts of to get it back and then some instead of looking like you're going to go crying into your fruit loops.

Play Like a Team: Could you guys have looked any more like individual players last game? Jovo got busted open and you guys on the bench looked like you could have cared less. Then Fridge just goes and charges the goalie and that's the great equalizer? You didn't even seem to care all that much when they started racking up goals on you. And before that, back in the Isles game,Telly gets whacked and you guys just let it slide? F that. I'm not the biggest fighting fan in the world, but sometimes you just have to stand up for your team. YOu guys haven't been doing a whole lot of that lately. Get to it.

KEEP THE FRIGGIN LINES FOR 1 F*$(%^# GAME!: I've even heard Gretz say they play better with straight lines. So why do you keep going back to the line blender? Too many men penalties, guys trying to remember who's with who even though it changes every other shift. It's bogus. On the ice it leads to guys not knowing what the other guys on the line are going to do and passes going to no one. When the team starts falling apart, you have to make it as simple as possible. That's what's happening right now. So get the guys on lines that work and leave them there. At least for the game. Maybe even more!

Checking: DMo even said it after the last game. When you have a forecheck you do well. Last Game you had no checks. No forecheck, no back check, hell with that effort you should have had no game check. Pick it up guys, or we'll be looking to replace you with Pierre the Fanatic Hockey Snowman. At least he's funny when he sucks.

I'm sure that was all pretty negative. Hopefully the guys give me more to be positive about tonight because the last effort angered me to no end.