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Dogs Swarmed by Ducks Lose 2 - 0


Didn't really get to see the game since there was no TV, but it sounded like we played like absolute crap tonight. The scoreboard said 2-0, but without Bryz standing on his head that could have been a ton worse. Because I can only rely on the radio for now, i'll just go over the keys from earlier.

Is Bryz back at 100%?: He played great! 2 goals got by him, but with the rest of the team playing like they could have cared less I couldn't have asked for much more. Didn't get to see many saves, but from the crowd sounds he was robbing the Ducks frequently. The team in front of him just didn't have an answer tonight.

Shore up the D: The D did okay, but all in all seemed like the team in general was a little flat. Or a lot flat.

No "Special" Special Teams: Power Play was awful. They got some shots off, but they got a 5 on 3 and a 4 minute double minor. They just couldn't get anything going at all. Moved the puck, but only a few shots and none of them good enough to get this game looking any better. PK didn't do so great either getting beat for both of the goals.

Speaking of the power play, I thought we were done with those Too Many Men penalties. That is quite possibly the dumbest penalty a team can get. Most likely this is a result of the constant line juggling that Gretz does. No one knows where they're supposed to be or when and so you end up with junk penalties that cost you the game. Both of the Anaheim goal came on the Power Plays resulting from those calls. Absolutely unacceptable.

For now Anaheim keeps their spot above us in the standings and the Coyotes have a few tough games coming up. Chicago comes into town on Tuesday and they've been playing great, and then we get Tampa and Dallas. Hopefully we can make up some ground soon and shake this ugly game off.

Also Danny Carcillo took the high stick to the face and didn't return to the game after that. No word on how serious the injury is as of yet.