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Sabres @ Coyotes - Preview and Gamethread




Buffalo Sabres Buffaslugs Whatever the Hell That Logo Is

Phoenix Coyotes

Location: Arena
Start Time: 7:00pm MST
Radio: 910AM
Evil Opposition Blog: Die by the Blade

Tonight we get a visit from the East as Buffalo comes to arena. The Sabres have been playing fairly well as of late, and we could use the W after losing 2 in a row.

Five for Winning

Power Play: Special teams had started to pick up, and there were times that it didn't look bad against the Sharks, but as I keep harping on, okay isn't good enough. we have to get more conversions on them.

Keep up the pressure: While we didn't come away with a win in San Jose, we didn't get blown out either. We kept up the pressure and limited them to 1 goal. We played a scrappy game and against anyone other than Nabokov we win with that style of play. Keep it up and we'll be good.

Give Bryz some help: In the earlier Anaheim loss, part of the reason we were getting lit up like a Christmas tree is that everytime there was any type of rebound, the Ducks player was the first there. Our D needs to be getting those instead.

Weather the injuries: Mueller got hurt the other night, Sauer and TIki are still out and now Reinprecht is down for a couple of weeks. Not good. In the meantime, Alexander Nikulin and Joel Perrault have been called up from San Antonio. Hopefully they'll be able to shine while given the chance. Lots of big games coming up and in the crowded West we can't go giving up points due to injuries.

Find the net: We duh. But after getting blanked on Thursday we need to find it early in the game so that we don't get stuck in a funk. Get some positive momentum early and then ride it until the end of the game.

Here's to a Coyotes Win! GO YOTES GO!