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Coyotes @ Sharks - Gameday and Preview




Phoenix Coyotes

San Jose Chief Brodys Sharks

Location: HP Pavilion
Start Time: 8:30pm MST
Radio: 1510AM
Opposition Blog: Fear the

I'll have to make this quick as i'm dealing with some family issues ATM, so i'll say this. This Sharks team is really disapointing this year. Seriously? How could you have lost that one game at home? Unacceptable. You should be ashamed of how you've let your fans down. And then on top of it to have 6 losses? Wow. I don't lnow how you can call yourselves NHL players. For shame. I'm surprised people haven't talked about contracting you after that type of performace. (I think such talk has been heard in LA, Anaheim, Dallas and maybe Phoenix, crazy Southwest media...)

Five for Winning:

Bring that team back that we played against Detroit: Those guys were awesome! The ones that played against Anaheim, not so much. We like to show up against the top teams though, so let's put the Shark Tank on mute tonight huh?

Passing: We didn't pass well at all last game. Passes out of the zone, passes to the skates, behind guys, super far in front of guys, directly to the other team. It was just bad. Tape to tape tonight okay? And make sure your guy knows it's coming.

Pressure: We didn't put any on Anaheim, they put guys in front at will and we did nothing to stop them from getting there, or stop the passes to them from getting there. Unacceptable. Check them, block their entries into the zone and generally just turn up the intensity.

Clear!: The ducks pretty much got the puck in and did whatever all day long. Stick on the puck and then flip it past the blue. We couldn't clear properly last game at all and it cost us on changes. WHen they can get it back and only 2 of your guys come off when they're all headed toward the bench, odd-man breaks will happen often.

SHOOOOOT!: Shots = a win for the Coyotes. When we alow teams to jump on us early and we get a slow start, we just never find a way to get back. Get some chances early and get double digits every period. They don't have to be perfect, they just have to be on goal. Good things happen after that.

Let's Go Coyotes!