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Five for Reading - No Chance Edition

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Before I get to the links let me get to a quick recap of the other nights game. It sucked. We looked awful. It was a craptacular game where 5 of 7 goals weren't on Bryz, but the team playing horribly in front of them. That's all I have to say about that. However, some fans take it upon themselves to start screaming about a collapse and screaming at coaches etc. That's quite simply not the coaches fault when everyone forgets how to play a damn game. Could there have been some help somehow? I don't know. What I do know is that of the remaining 33 games we need to get 19 wins to make 91 points and that should get us in the playoffs. (Thanks Mirtle) 1 game is a speed bump so long as it stays at 1 or 2, and then we put together a clump of wins. Would I rather that we didn't make it interesting and just won all 33 remaining games? Yes, but that's simply not going to happen and sometimes the losses aren't going to look very good, but we'll bounce back. To the links!

There's not a lot going on in the Howloshpere today, so it's five for reading grab bag day.

Arizona Republic has a piece on Enver Lisin up. The comments are "exciting" as any other newspaper...

The Falconer has some stats on those from Northern climates moving southward. See? That's why hockey can work here!

Got more links? Submit them in the comments because there is nada going on in the blog world today...

Gameday will be up later this afternoon as we don't play until 8:30! Thanks for making me stay up Pacific time zone!