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Anaheim Ducks @ Phoenix Coyotes - Preview and Gamethread




Anaheim Ducks

Phoenix Coyotes

Location: Arena
Start Time: 7:00pm MST
Radio: 910AM
Evil Opposition Blog: Battle of California

Yay! We're back to the real deal! Hockey that actually counts. That goodness. I'm sure some may have enjoyed the All-star game, but i didn't so much enjoy the break. We're so close to a playoff spot I can taste it and I would have rather kept playing after that Detroit win. Oh well, that was not to be. So a week later we get the Quacks of Anaheim. If there was a team our fans hate more than Detroit, I'd say it'd be these guys. Hopefully word got out that we're in playoff contention and the fans fill up the joint tonight (Not holding my breath until after the Super Bowl.)

Five for Winning (Tired of the fives everywhere yet?)

Play like that team from the 3rd against Detroit: I'm not sure who those guys were, but they made the Wings look beer league. That's exactly the type of hockey we need to be playing to start making some noise in the standings and in the media. Tough, strong on the puck, winning the battles and with some desire.

Play like you're in 9th place instead of 5th: In some of our games, we like to let the other team back into the game even when we have the lead. We can't afford to start doing that in the playoff race as a few points is the difference between 5th and 11th. Play desparate and hungry and we'll be golden.

Hit'em hard: Early in the season we were able to absolutely demolish the Ducks because we took their physical game, turned it against them and then turned the dial up to 11. Do that again tonight and leave 'em cryin for their mama.

Puck Control: Another key aspect of the Detroit win was that we were able to keep the puck on our ouw sticks. we drove it in deep and then one or two guys held it down in the corner while everyone made changes. This kept them tired and our guys fresh. Great way to breakdown a defense in a hurry and rack up some goals.

Break the Young Guys Out of Slumps: For as far as we've come this year, a lot of guys haven't really contributed on the offenseive side. Carcillo hasn't been finding the net, Winnik and Turris too, though he's starting to find his touch. We started the year looking for big contributions from these guys, or at least some. We need to find some way to get them going. Jovo finally broke out of his slup last week, and Mueller is finding himself again too. If we start firing on all cylinders we're going to be a scary scary team for anyone to face.

GO COYOTES! See you out at the arena, and after the game!