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Five for Reading - Time to get back to work!

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Well vacation time is over, it's time to come back from celebrating Chineese New Year (That's what the break was for right?) and get back to playing some real hockey. In a way it's disapointing that the Detroit game had to come right before break. That's some momentum that we really could have used both for ticket sales and for beating the crap out of the Quacks tomorrow. Either way. it's go time if we want to make the playoffs. In the meantime. Here's some articles from around the interwebz about the team.

Bettman says the Coyotes will be okay, we just need to find 30 Mil laying around somewhere...

Onyx over at Coyotes Hip Check has a little profile on Young Star Mikkel Boedker

The Virgin Hockey Fan needed a little bit of a hockey fix over the allstar break

MYFO has the scoop on why the ASG was a massive massive failure.

Fauxrumors has their own power rankings and we come in at... 13. Not bad, not bad.