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David Shoalts reaches Ecklund Level of Credibility

Just across the wire with more stupid specualtion about the Coyotes is David Shoalts with yet another article about the Coyotes. No, it's not the one I predicted earlier about Shumway resigning. Instead it's a bunch of uncited baseless conjecture to further paint the Coyotes in a bad light. If you actually have foundation for things you should oh, I dunno, say so. Instead he asks questions based on things other teams have thought of to get around the profit sharing rules. Well done douchebag. Let's actually go over this one shall we?

Are the Phoenix Coyotes buying as many as 4,000 tickets a game in hopes of meeting their revenue-sharing targets so that, unlike last season, they will qualify for a full portion of revenue-sharing money?

And that's it. There's no other basis just "Well the Preds have thought about it, so the Coyotes must be too, OR MAYBE ALREADY ARE!"

But if the Coyotes are on a buying spree, it's a much different matter, Mr. Commissioner. Your deputy, Bill Daly, says it ain't so, and we hope he's right, although we wonder whether third parties are buying tickets on the Coyotes' behalf?

Wow. Conspiracy theorist much? Get your tin-foil hats!

We all know the NHL is carrying the Coyotes through advances on their estimated shared revenues. But are the payouts now in excess of those estimates, and if so, how do we get paid back?

Meantime, are you planning to increase the NHL's line of credit at Citibank to more than $100-million (all currency U.S.) to float the Coyotes through next season?

That's just super. You can't even nail down a number of how much the actual losses are. We know there are losses and even I admit that. What no one seems to be able to do is agree on how much that is. No one has come forward with numbers of how much of an advance they've gotten and maybe that's what your question is getting at. If so, could you ask it like more of a jerk next time? I don't think your distain for Coyotes hockey really came though in that one.

I get that this is a "Questions we'd ask Bettman" article, but your top questions are really all about the Coyotes? Really? Your question about the cap are just footnotes to that? I don't know what your hard-on for Coyotes and "Non-traditional hockey markets" failing is, but get the hell over it. Contraction and teams failing is bad for everyone. The sooner you get that through your damn head, and those of your ilk, the better off everyone will be.