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Five for Reading - There's no hockey again edition

I'm starting to have some hockey withdrawls. I rewatched part of the Red WIngs game I recorded the other day to help get me through. Hopefully this All-Star stuff is at least somewhat entertaining.

NBC actually has something power rankings like. Hey. we're 12th in their poll, so i'm not gonna knock it.

ESPN has some good information from everyone's favorite commissioner Gary Bettman. Not a huge fan, but at least he mentions all the other teams that have made it through similar problems.

NY Times reports about Wayne Gretzky searching for and meeting with potential investors. That's another good sign. Wayne has to be the face of the franchise right now.

Coyotes Hip Check finally got her thoughts about the Red WIngs game up. Hey! I been waiting for like... 2 days! :-P

Also, the Diva writes about the WIngs game and about Red WIngs fans throwing Octopi onto the ice with 5 seconds left. Seriously? I'd have gotten that thing out of wherever it was hidden right at the beginning. You can't bring much into the games, so it beats me how they actually smuggled that in. Is that an octopus in your pants sir?