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Red Wings @ Coyotes - Preview and Gamethread



Detroit Red Wings Phoenix Coyotes

Location: Arena
Start Time: 7:00pm MST
Radio: 910AM
Opposition Blog: Winging it in Motown

Why must work get in the way of my hockey writing? Boo work! Boo Red Wings more. Hooray Hockey! Let's get straight to the keys because there's one last homegame to win before taking a week off of real hockey.

Five for Winning:

Yeah so what if it's Detroit?: Yeah we get it. You're the Detroit Red Wings. You're the defending Cup Champs. 2nd in the West. It's all very impressive. Guess what... We don't care. We don't have time to worry about any of that. You have 2 points we want. You may be good, but tonight we;'ll be better. That's the attitude our guys have to have. Enough of getting beat by these guys. Let's end this tonight.

Forget Edmonton: Not a great performance on Sunday. Not a terrible one either, but surely a game that could use forgetting. You're still in the playoff mix. Just go out there and play your game and forget about the easy goals from the other night. Please. I'll try to forget too.

Protect the Zone: Part of the reason that game got out of reach late was that we couldn't keep it in our own zone to get set. You tried to setup so Bryz could get off when it was 4-3 but coughed the puck up and they caught you on your heels. Bryz was still on, but they scored it. Add the empty netter because you once again couldn't get set and that's the ballgame. Get in, setup , and keep that puck in our zone.

PP? Where'd you go again?: The power play had been showing progress, where'd that go? It's been sliding back down in terms of quality. Keep plugging away on that please. Thanks.

Leave it all out on the ice: All of you guys except Boedker and Doan get a week off to rest. So you have no reason to go out there and play with less than 100%. Give this game all you've got and go into the break on a high note. Hopefully we can do it and pick up right where we left off on the other side of the all-star game.

Yotes Quotes: Doug Sulliman, Kyle TUrris and David Hale talk about tonight's game.

Tonight's song of the game:

Ludacris and Sum 41 - Get Back [remix]
(Some language may be inappropriate for younger listeners)

Get Back [Rock Remix] - Ludacris & Sum 41