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Five for Reading - Maybe there won't be five...

Let's see if I can't scrounge up some links for you to get some info on today's game and other Coyote news...

ESPN power Rankings are out - We come in at 14. They offer little to no insight on anything. THanks for your token hockey coverage guys!

TSN's are out too - We dropped 4 spots to 20? Oh... after reading their note it seem that it's because our upcoming schedule is hard. I thought these things were based on the present?

Johan Franzen is out for tonight's game. Good news for us I guess. It means that all of Detroit's lines are juggled except for the 1st one. Let's hope they have zero chemistry.

David Schlemko got shipped back to San Antonio without seeing any action since being called up on Saturday. I guess that makes total sense... Not so much really.

Mirtle has a look at a whole ton of "rental" players that may be availiable. Anyone look good to you? Worth giving up something for?

See you later with the gameday and preview. Though the locals, including me should be at the game.