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Coyotes at Flames - Preview and Gameday




Phoenix Coyotes Calgary Flames

Oh the crazy things Elisha makes Dion Phaneuf do to "keep things interesting." I'm not getting suspended for that right? Right?!

Location: Pengrowth SaddledomeStart Time: 8:00 p.m. MST
Radio: 910 AM

The Coyotes roat trip pulls into Calgary tonight to take on the Flames. We're on Hockey Night in Canada tonight which usually bodes well for us. For some reason we tend to do well even if we're picked for those dates to be a punching bag. By the way, thanks for the late start Canada! If that is your real name. Which I suppose it is... We're keeping an eye on you though.

Apparently the biggest thing we have to worry about tonight is the overconfidence of the Flames, I guess they are pretty good though. They are in the lead in the NW. We don't really have a chance right? Calgary is awesome. I think i'll even send them a personal email saying how awesome they are. They just beat the Sharks at home! How can we compare to such firepower!? The entrance to the visitor's locker room may as well say "Abandon all hope, Ye who enter here..." (Read the article...)

Anyhow... Let's get to Five for Winning:

Keep up the power play: Yeah, I know these guys aren't the "In a funk" Canucks, but if nothing else we learned that we can in fact score a goal on the powerplay. There is not some natural law against the puck going in the net when the Coyotes have the man advantage. Just keep up what you did last game, but realize these guys won't stand around waiting for you to do whatever you want.

CHECK, CHECK, 1, 2, 3, CHECK: We hate these guys. Play like it. Every game we should be hitting, but you know these guys. They had our number last year. All the friggin time they were slamming us. No more. As Pierre the Fanatic Hockey Snowman says "Bring the pain boys! Booyah!"

Keep the D at the NHL level: The usual traffic cones weren't out there last game. They looked like honest to god defensemen. Hale and Yandle weren't necessarily killer out there, but they played well enough and didn't make the MONSTER! (TM Pierre McGuire) mistakes they usually do. Keep it up tonight or David Schlemko, who was called up today, will be getting an audition for your job.

Neutralize Iginla: Yes, I know that there is more than just Jerome on this team, but if you take him out of the equasion that's a couple of points less to worry about. He has gone 6 games without a goal, but it seems like everytime there's a cold guy around he picks the night they play us to go off for 3 goals or something. No tonight.

FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!: I'm not usually the biggest fight advocate, but this is one team that we desperately need to show we aren't screwing around. If it takes getting into a scrap early on, then so be it. Doan and Phaneuf have gone a couple of times, and Carcillo won't back down even with some missing teeth and a stitched up face.

VIDEO SECTION: 'Yotes quotes from yesterday's practice. Some interviews with Doug Sulliman, Derek Morris and Todd Fedoruk

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The W.A.N.D by the Flaming Lips