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Coyotes 4 - Canucks 1: Whales not so killer...


Our boys came into Vancouver BC tonight and thoroughly cleaned the ice with the Canucks tonight. I'm not going to lie, I was worried. Luongo was coming back tonight, we're terrible on the road this season, or PP has been god awful. But the guys showed up tonight and took it too them. As a matter of fact they must have read my blog just before the game because they about did everything I asked of them. They did well enough that the Vancouver faithful were booing their team tonight. I'll take it. One other thing. Mats Sundin is going to want to stay out of the box. It seems like everytime he's in, the opposition PP goes nuts. 2 for 3 on the PP? Sweet.

Go 5-Hole: First shot of the game Joakim Lindstrom went 5-hole and scored it. Luongo may be back, but either the groin or his head aren't totally right yet because he looked weak there all night. I couldn't tell on the replay, but it looked like Lindstrom's 2nd may have gone between the legs too. And then the Mueller goal went that way as well. He just couldn't close up quite fast enough.

Shoooooot!: I hate when the crowd starts yelling it, but they were at least puting chances on net tonight. Coyotes went 11-11-10 for 32 total shots. Not a bad night.

Defense needs to pick it up: Yandle and Hale actually looked okay out there tonight. Hale wasn't anything outstanding, but didn't make silly mistakes either. Yandle finally got a goal from the point. His shots have been getting through all season, but he hasn't found the back of the net in a while. Did tonight though. Good job.

No softies: Luongo wasn't himself, but Bryzgalov was. Bryzie made some quality saves and made sure that the Canucks didn't have a chance to come back.

Kyle Turris: Got an assist. Hey, it's not much, but it counts. I can deal with him not lighting it up tonight since the team did everything else I told them to.