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Phoenix Coyotes @ Vancouver Canucks - Preview and Gamethread

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Phoenix Coyotes Vancouver Canucks

Location: GM PlaceStart Time: 8:00 p.m. MST
TV: Center Ice Only
Radio: 910 AM

Welcome back to hockeytime Coyote fans! And any Vancouver fans that would like to get in on it feel free to join on in.

The Coyotes continue their 4 game road trip tonight in Vancouver, home of the Vancouver Flying C Whales. They guys are coming off of a tough loss on Tuesday to the Wild. They lost 6-4, but made a game of it getting it to 4-3 before the Wild pulled away. Bryzgalov let in some soft goals that night, and no one is saying who will get the start in net on our side tonight. On the otherside of the ice, Roberto Luongo looks like he will get his first start since coming off of his groin injury.

Five for Winning:

Go 5-Hole: I don't care who you are, but if you're a goalie coming off of a groin injury, even if you feel 100%, there's some part of your mind that says "pulling my groin F'n hurt! I don't want to do that again" Focus on making him use that part of his body a lot early and see if you can make something happen.

Shoooooot!: Double digit shots in a period are nice every now and then. 7 doesn't quite seem like enough and i've seen that plenty of times this season. Mostly when we lose. SOGs don't always get the W just by having 45 of them, but it at least makes me feel better. If you get the puck toward the net good things usually happen.

Defense needs to pick it up: Sauer is out and with him goes on half of the shot blocking wonder twins. I'm not expecting the same out of Hale and Yandle, but is it too much to ask for them to not be liabilities? We've already got Jovanovski's brain farts to worry about...

No softies: Not sure which goalie will get the nod tonight, but they've both been a little roughed up recently. THey need to start of the game stong to build up the confidence. Don't let in that early softie. Especially against the Canucks. If Luongo is at 100%, it'll be a tight one.

Kyle Turris: He's been playing well as of late and hopefully can show off in front of his family this time as last time we visited the Canucks he ended up being scratched. I'm hoping for a big game from him. Go Screech!

That's it for now, links in the comments. Let's Do this!