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Coyotes @ 'Hawks -Â Preview/Gamethread



Phoenix Coyotes Chicago Blackhawks

I didn't even have to photoshop that one... Gross.

Location: United Center
Start Time: 5:00 MST
TV: Center Ice Only
Radio: 1510 AM (Click for radio feed)

Hey Hey! Welcome back Coyotes fans! Tonight we take on the Blackhawks in a game you won't be seeing unless you shelled out the coin for Center Ice. Or you live in Canada and have NHL network. In the US and paying extra to have that channel through your cable provider? Tough. Check the comments later and i'll see if I can't find us somewhere to watch it. If you're not into that, the radio feed is above.

Not exactly sure who will get the start against the Hawks as I haven't found anything confirming either one on the interwebz yet. I know who they should start on night 2 of a back-to-back, but Gretz will probably put Bryz in again against a team that seems to have his number. Let's not get too much into that though. I don't want to be too angry today...


  1. Goaltending - Yeah. I know I said I wasn't going to talk about that anymore, but it's going to be crucial today. If it's Bryz he needs to shake off the OTL with a horrendous shootout effort that he had last time, and if it's Telly he needs to step up and keep us above .500. The team also needs to give the goaltending some support by clearing the puck away from the front of the net.
  2. Power Play - You know it's bad when you have people yelling "Decline it!" at the screen when they get a penalty. They tend to look as though they're on even strength when they do get the penalties. Over the last 5, the PP has looked somewhat better, but is 3 of 23. On the upside they at least haven't coughed up any SHort handers over that time. We simply have to get some more of our chances to count when we have them.
  3. Play Physically - When we pick up our game and start throwing bodies around, that's when we win. We did well last night when we were doing that, and fell flat in the second. By the time we got going again Legace had settled in and wasn't letting chances past. At the beginning of the year we played well on the forecheck, and the check period. And what happened again? Oh yeah, we were winning. Play with an edge and you create space and allow the scorers to get free.

That's all i've got for today. See you all at gametime here in the comments. :)