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Coyotes @ Blues Postgame


Well Crap. That was disapointing. 4-3 Blues over Coyotes.

The Good:

  • Carcillo - Fight two seconds in, skated well, more fighting. Lots of checking. And he was great with the puck control all night long.
  • Jovo - For as much as he's been a Pylon out on the ice this season, someone woke up JovoCop tonight. Got a goal, was throwing the checks around like we expect from him for all the money we pay him.
  • Michalek - Keeping pressure on three Blues players at the line to allow the rest of the team to change. Being a shot blocking machine.
  • Fedoruk - Protecting guys, blocked a shot off the cup and still kept going. Well, after a break.
  • Turris - Timely goal, good game.

The Bad:

  • Bryz - Didn't get of to the best start from being back. Shored it up later in the game, but we were already down.
  • Mistakes on D -  Still costing us goals. They have brain farts, lose pucks, then they find the back of the net.
  • Energy in the middle of the game  - Started off the game well, Danny got the guys going, maybe knowing they weren't charged up. They played well for a bit, then went to sleep in the 2nd. Got hungry in the 3rd, but Legace had warmed up and even with quality chances we couldn't get it done.

The Ugly: 

  • The Refs -  I don't like to blame things on the Refs, I really don't. But they called a supremely crappy game. Slashing that was simply getting sticks together lead to a PP goal. A 5 minute boarding Major at the end of the game,  that when you see it is just a guy falling awkwardly and both players trying to stop. And then to put 10 on Doan on top of it. It was rediculous. Not to mention several Coyotes geting cut open with high sticks, but the Refs basically going "How'd that happen?"

Time to regroup and do it all again tomorrow against the 'Hawks. Go yotes!