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Five for Reading - Around the blogs...

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Here's some quick morning reading as I attend to some other business...

It looks like Olli may be ready to come back for Wednesday's game against the Stars.

Sean Avery got suspended for 6 games. I remembered that the only reason I cared was that he wouldn't be there to suck the life out of his own team on Wednesday.

If you ever wanted to know anything about hockey history you should really go check out the Habs Eyes on the Prize site that opened up. I think Robert maybe be getting ready to publish this as a novel.

Hey! The rampage finally won a game! Breaking a 17 game losing streak. Are you friggin kidding me? How has someone not lost a job over that yet? Losing helps learning at times, but seriously? 17 games? Wow.

Check this out. You can own your very own glowing puck from back in the day when the NHL was on Fox. One of my favorite bad ideas the league has ever had.

It's away game goodness tonight as the Coyotes are in St. Louis to beat play the Blues. I'll be back later with a preview and i'll be around for the game thread. So if it refuses to do it's job again i'll be here to beat the interwebs into submission.