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Coyotes @ 'Lanche Preview and Gameday




Phoenix Coyotes Colorado Avalanche

Location: Pepsi Center
Start Time: 7:00 p.m. MST
Radio: 910 AM

Alright, time to get back into the game after the tough game last night. Telly gave Bryz a breather, and didn't have a horrible game, but could have done better. Bryz will be back in the goal tonight however, hopefully treating us to plenty of saves for Xmas.

Tonight's Keys:

Penalties: Too many friggin' penalties last night. Two 5 on 3 goals? How do you let that happen? Even if they were crap calls, the crap was getting called all night so you had better know what to do and what not to by the 3rd period. Just sloppy play leading to stick penalties. Clean it up and you'll do much better K?

Carcillo: I love you guy, but shut up. Penalties for fighting and trying to rev up the guys are awesome. Getting penalties for mouthing off to the ref should have been gotten out of your system by now. Next time before you start yelling at a ref follow these short rules... 1. Look down at your chest. 2. Is there a C or an A there? If yes go ahead and talk, if no then shut your friggin mouth.

Puck Control: If you lose the puck, you better be working your butt off to get it back guys. No looking like someone kicked your dog. Look like you're hungry and act like it too.

Fire: What's with the lack of hitting last night? Pick it back up guys when you out hit the other team you do well. Let's not go though this finesse and skill game thing we've tried. That doesn't work. Be the Physical team we all know you can be. Also, fire melts ice and snow which means no Avalanche.