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Coyotes at Oilers - Preview and Gamethread




Phoenix Coyotes Edmonton Oilers

Yes, I know the Oiler pic is not in fact an Oiler, but rather Armus from Star Trek the Next Generation episode #23 "Skin of Evil" , a vile tar-like crature holding Deanna Troi hostage. It does look alot like an oily creature though, and the Oilers are like a evil creature holding our Deanna Troi hostage... By which I mean some jerky team in a different jersey that hasn't coughed up our (hot) 2 points yet.

Location: Rexall Place
Start Time: 7:30 p.m. MST
TV: None, but it is on Yahoo
Radio: 1510AM KFNN

Alright Yotes fans, time to get geared up for some more christmas presents and a few more points in our stockings. The Coyotes will look to continue thier point streak tonight as over the last 6 they've managed to go 4-0-2 for 10 points. we're now only 3 points back of bagging a duck for christmas dinner.

Keys for the boys tonight...

GOALTENDING: Whatever was up with Bryzzie earlier in the year is gone and done with. He's looked very sharp and made some great saves. If he plays well tonight he'll probably get tomorrow's game too. Telly might get one over the next few days though as we have 4 games in 6 days. Back-to-backs sandwiched around the Christmas break.

KEEP UP THE PHYSICAL PLAY: Jovo-Cop has returned with a vengance the last few games. He's layed some monster hits on the opposition and been in the middle of things. The team as a whole has been hitting hard, and not just the usual suspects, but guys like Ken Klee and Keith Yandle have gotten into it too.

LIMIT SCORING CHANCES AND SHOTS: The Oilers had 53, yes 5 and a 3, 53 shots in thier last game against the Ducks. They still lost, but 53 shots?! We can't have that going on. Put our shot blocking machines, Zbynek, Kurt, and Marty out there as much as possible.

GET TO THEM EARLY: The Oil have lost thier last 3. If we're lucky they'll still be down on themselves and an early goal for us can get them putting thier collective heads down. Also, our PP goes up against the weakest PK in the league, might be a little boost if we can get a tally on them that way.